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The Aeron Chair: Comfort Realized

Are you fed up with having an aching back while you work? If your office chair isn't made with the same tender loving care as the Aeron chair, your back will suffer. This high-performance office chair has the comfort and technology to keep your back happy.

A Chair Is Born

Did you know that makers of the Aeron chair initially designed it with the elderly in mind? Herman Miller launched the Aeron chair in 1994 to meet the needs of a longer-living, wiser American population. It wasn't long before people realized that the Aeron chair was perfectly suited for your everyday office warriors.

With its ergonomic features, this chair made many friends very quickly. By 1996, pop culture catapulted the chair into legend by making it an object of desire on Will and Grace. Today, about 7 million Aerons are making office sitters happy around the world.

A Work of Art

What is it that makes an office chair legendary? Is it its overall beauty and sophisticated design? Is it the tangible sense of luxury you feel when sitting upright at a desk? Or is it something more?

Perhaps a combination of those things make the Aeron a proud member of the collection at the Museum of Modern Art. This is one piece of art that isn't just for looking at. After all, if your hard-working back doesn't deserve to recline against a work of art day after day, then what does?

Ergonomic Brilliance

Ergonomics are what make this chair so comfortable. Lumbar support is an obvious feature, but many other features affect your back, your posture, and your ultimate bone deterioration. In a way, the Aeron is almost like an unexpected anti-aging device.

It has ergonomic support written into every detail:

  • Lumbar pad adjustment and depth
  • PostureFit kit
  • High back
  • Wide, soft, sloped arm rests
  • Waterfall seat front
  • Even weight distribution
  • Form-fitting
  • Aeration for cool comfort
  • Natural tilt and movement
  • Sleek and versatile aesthetics

A New Back

How do all of these features fix your back? You can trace most back problems to improper alignment or unnatural positioning for long periods. Most people see immediate benefits from being able to adjust lumbar support depth so it fits the exact curvature of their spine. Suspension and weight distribution help to keep your spine in a straight line, no matter how you fidget. The Aeron also responds to your natural movement, contouring to your spine and maintaining the best body proportions in any position.

You should notice an immediate increase in comfort when you settle into your Aeron chair. After several days and weeks of continuous (and of course, productive) sitting at your desk, you could entirely forget the days of needing a lumbar pillow at work.


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