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Choosing the Right Chair For You.

To be comfortable at work and in your home office, you don’t need to spend a fortune. There are plenty of functional, sleek, and affordable office chairs to choose from, such as the Aeron chair by Herman Miller. The key is to pick the right one for your job and your body. Choose a chair for short sitting time periods, ideal for the on-the-go job, or choose a chair designed to support you for eight hours straight. Use the Internet to conduct proper research to find the perfect chair for your professional life. To choose the right office chair, you need to research the market, try out different options, and find a balance of affordability and functionality.

Research the Market

With a simple Google search, you will find hundreds of websites that sell and provide information about office chairs. When you start looking for the perfect chair, look at some of the top providers of office furniture. For example, Sit 4 Life is a trusted and reputable name for office furniture. The website offers a variety of styles and options for office chairs, and one of them is the ever-popular Aeron Chair. This top-selling design is used in offices around the country because of the traditional lumbar and back support. It is cost effective and comfortable for typical office workers.

Take a Test Drive

Some manufacturers and companies offer a convenient return policy and customer guarantee. This trial time allows you to essentially “test drive” the chair. Observe the functionality and how it works with your professional schedule. Just like a new mattress, sometimes it takes a few days to get a solid opinion of the chair, so don’t give up too quickly if you don’t like the fit. When your new chair arrives, make sure to use all the adjustable options on the arms, back, and seat to fit your body. Because you probably don’t share a chair with a co-worker, make as many adjustments as you like.

If you are in a hurry to get a new chair, you can shop around an office supply or furniture store. Try to give yourself enough time to have five to ten minutes in each chair that you try. Ask a store employee about the adjustable and back support features. While you have the attention of an employee, ask about their return policy. You will need more than ten minutes to fully decide if it is the right chair for you.

Find a Balance

No matter who is making the purchase, chances are, you probably don’t have an unlimited budget. For this reason, it is important to find a balance of affordability and functionality when buying a new office chair. When you are doing your initial search, take note of the common price points and decide how much you are willing to spend on a new chair. If you have time, compare prices online with in-store promotions. Some companies offer discounts if you buy multiples. If so, talk to your co-workers about purchasing together to save money. Once you purchase the
Aeron Chair, you will never second guess your choice. The functions, adjustable options, and sleek design are guaranteed to please any working man or woman.

Free Shipping is available for all chairs delivered in the Contiguous US. Curbside delivery only. Returned chairs must be in like-new condition. Review our return policy for more information.

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