AutoStart App – Does it Really Save Time

What if you are working on e-filing tax via your smartphone? Parallelly you have some shopping cart application and some other apps running in the background. And suddenly your phone’s battery goes dead or it reboots automatically? All your saved work will be gone and you have to restart the apps again. The experience is kind of frustrating. Fortunately, we have an app like Autostart which is going to save you from this situation. Let’s see how it does that.

So, What Does Autostart Do?

Restarting apps after your phone has just been rebooted can be pretty time-consuming. No one in the current world using a smartphone for multitasking has that much time. The main purpose of Autostart is to restart those applications without consuming much time. The app is easy to use. It lets you choose the app that you want to start automatically as soon as the phone restarts.

Thus, if you added some items in your shopping cart and your phone needs a restart, as soon as the phone turns back on, you do not need to worry about launching the app, go to the shopping cart and check if your session was saved or not.

Features of the App

Popular smartphone manufacturers release their device with lots of built-in applications that start automatically, even when we don’t need them. Why can’t we users have the same liberty? The apps that we prioritize the most should start automatically as soon as you restart a device.

  • This dream becomes a reality once you start using AutoStart APK on your Android. Let’s see what it is capable of
  • The app works perfectly on both rooted as well as non-rooted devices.
  • There is a simple and minimalistic user interface. There are not too many colors and highlights that do nothing but confuse the user.
  • There is only a single button on the main screen of the app. You can even select the app you want to autostart from the main screen.

Wait a Minute, There are a few Cons

Nothing is perfect in this world. Be it physical or technical domain. Autostart is not an exception. There are a few critical disadvantages.

  • The app allows you to choose only one app that will launch automatically once the phone restarts. This means if you are shopping online or reading a document simultaneously, you have to keep one app and sacrifice the session of another once the app restarts. So, if you have 3 apps opened and all of them have equal priority, the app becomes practically useless.
  • The app also does not work for stock Android applications. This includes your phone’s gallery, contact list or SMS application. It only allows you to choose third-party apps that you got from play store or any other app store. Also, AutoStart app is not available in PlayStore but you can download via APK Downloaders.

Summing it Up

Well, based on the features, advantages, and disadvantages, we can conclude that Autostart is perfect if you want to launch a third-party application immediately after your phone reboots. But if you want to launch stock apps or multiple apps after your phone finishes restarting, Autostart, unfortunately, won’t be that much useful.