12 Best Android Apps Of 2019 Missing In Playstore

We all know that apart from top-ranked apps at Google, there are many other Android applications which are useful, and in cases, even better than the apps listed at Play Store. However, because of the immense terms and conditions checklist, they are not available at PlayStore. Here, we shall discuss 12 such apps which are quite useful because of their unique features but can be downloaded only from a third party site.

12 Best Android Apps Of 2019 Missing In Playstore



This is the best app that helps you to download YouTube videos. Not only that, but you can also download only mp3 files from the videos. It was released back in those days when downloading videos from YouTube was not a restriction. But at present, because of the changed terms and conditions, this app was blocked from Play Store.


This app is for people who like music while they are traveling. Unlike other apps, users are able to store the songs on their device using this app. Their playlists vary from new to old, with sound quality as high as 320 kbps. This was the best app for downloading songs. Too bad it was discontinued.

3.Lucky Patcher

When it comes to removing license verification, modifying APK files, ad removal or patching, this app is quite handy. However, in order to use this, you will need a rooted Android device.

4.WhatsApp Plus

  • This app is for adding some new features to your WhatsApp account. You can
  • Hide blue ticks, last seen, etc.
  • Share images of high quality.
  • Change WhatsApp’s launcher icon.
  • Disable Voice calling.In short, you can use it to do allthat you cannot do using your simple WhatsApp application.

5.Wifi Kill

This is an app for controlling the wifi network. It can disable the connectivity of devices that are connected to a certain wifi network. A very useful app if you want to cut off other people and have all the bandwidth for yourself. However, privacy and data protection issues got this app banned from the play store.


This app is also for music lovers, especially if you want to equalize the tunes. If you own an Android device that is rooted, you may have heard of this app. It offers AnalogX, FidelityControl, VHS+, Haas Effect and all other stuff that an equalizer can offer. The only drawback is it can’t run on an Android device that is not rooted.

7.Popcorn Time

With a single click, you can download your favorite movie or TV series using this app, saving you the pain of searching the media on torrent and downloading it. You can find many other apps of this type, but this is almost bug-free, unlike the other ones. You can also download subtitles or watch the trailer before downloading a movie.

8.Torrent Search

In earlier days, there were lots of torrent websites for searching and downloading movies, games, etc. Unfortunately, most of the sites are blocked these days. This app allows you to search what you need on all major torrent providers and display a result with the number ofleechers and seeders. All you need is a torrent client and you will be all set to download your favorite stuff.


12 Best Android Apps Of 2019 Missing In Playstore

This app consists of all the open source applications which may or may not be available at playstore. However, unlike the Black Market, it does not contain any pirated applications. All the apps listed are legit and any new open source app that is not available at play store can be found here.

10.Media River

Android applications It offers a Click Surge platform which allows publishers to lead the internet traffic to their unique features online content in a delivery model based on a widget.



This is a file managing application having pretty useful features. It offers a dual pane as well support, making it easy to work on different locations. You can also connect to cloud Android applications like Rapidshare or Google Drive directly from this app.


Android applications is a free application that prevents malware on your device by blocking domains and unwanted ads. You can also select filters based on which it will block web ads, pop up or video ads and other ads available on the internet.